Remy Fashion Company Hong Kong


ALTERATIONS - Expert Fitting of All Your Garments

Remy Fashion offers a Professional Alteration Services on all of our garments or your own garments.

We offer alterations such as: Hems, Cuffs, Jeans, Waistbands, Side Seams, Shoulders, Sleeves, Lapels, Zippers, Buttons, Gowns, etc.

Donít trust your Alterations to just anyone, bring your Alterations to a Master Seamstress with more than 25 years experience working on delicate and expensive garments.


Remy Fashion offers:

  • Express Service  - 50% surcharge

  • 48 hour standard service

  • On-site professional seamstresses

  • Extended shopping hours

  • Modern, well-lit surroundings

  • Large, private dressing room

  • Experienced staff with exceptional service

Things change!

  • Gained a little weight?

  • Lost a few pounds?

  • Let Remy Fashion keep you looking your best!


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